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Wolf Compact Fold Down Festival Toilet

Wolf Compact Fold Down Festival Toilet

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Tired of festival toilets? Look no further! The Wolf Compact Toilet is here to revolutionise your festival experience with its ingenious design and convenient features.

Designed with the utmost convenience in mind, the Wolf Compact Toilet is a lightweight and portable toilet that will quickly become your go-to solution.


Portability: Weighing in at just a few pounds, the Wolf Compact Porta Loo is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. It folds away neatly, occupying minimal space in your backpack or vehicle.

Complete Sanitation Solution: No more queuing for a stinky festival toilet! The porta loo comes equipped with bio waste bags and chemical sachets, ensuring proper containment and neutralisation of unpleasant odours.

User-Friendly Design: The Wolf Compact Porta Loo is thoughtfully designed for maximum comfort. It features a sturdy yet comfortable seat, ensuring you can take care of your business without sacrificing comfort.

Environmental Consciousness: We care about the environment just as much as you do. That’s why the Wolf Compact Porta Loo is designed with eco-friendly materials. The bio waste bags are biodegradable, reducing your impact on nature.


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