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Wolf C200 Speaker - Waterproof

Wolf C200 Speaker - Waterproof

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Introducing the Wolf Outdoors C200 Waterproof Speaker. Designed to elevate your outdoor festival experience, the Wolf Outdoors C200 Waterproof Speaker boasts a robust and innovative construction that can withstand the elements and deliver exceptional sound quality.


Moulded Water-Resistant Design: Crafted with precision, the speaker’s moulded design ensures maximum protection against water exposure.

Durable Components: The speaker features a plastic cone, basket, and grille that are not only highly durable but also contribute to the overall water-resistant properties of the device.

Unparalleled Sound Reproduction: Thanks to its double-coated diaphragm, the Wolf Outdoors C200 Waterproof Speaker excels in delivering superior sound reproduction.

Total Waterproof Assurance: Rest easy knowing that the Wolf Outdoors C200 is truly waterproof. No matter the situation, this speaker is prepared to handle water exposure without compromising its performance.


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