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Festival Pocket Toilet

Festival Pocket Toilet

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Avoid the queues and inconvenient trips to the loos with our handy and convenient disposable pocket toilets. There isn’t much we dislike about festivals but the toilet queues would certainly be one of them. So, come prepared with these hassle free solutions to your bathroom needs and make every moment at the festival count. 


Pack of 4 pocket toilets.

With a capacity of 700ml, these disposable urinal bags can hold urine, vomit or other liquid waste. 

Suitable for anyone to use, including children.

Equipped with a water-absorbing polymer that can turn liquid waste into a spill-proof, odourless gel within 45 seconds ensuring no leakage or unpleasant odour.

Sealed zipper to prevent odours and leaks.

Compact design allows you to carry them with ease in your pocket, bumbag or handbag.

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