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Pits and Bits

Pits and Bits Filthy Festival Wash Kit

Pits and Bits Filthy Festival Wash Kit

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Introducing Pits & Bits Filthy Festival Wash Kits, designed to give you the ultimate fresh feeling whilst remaining lightweight enough to fit comfortably into your rucksack. Pits & Bits is a fantastic range of liquid soap’s & shampoo’s that really clean you effectively without any additional water or rinsing using specialist "Towel Off®" Technology.

Made from the kindest ingredients, vegan, pH balanced and biodegradable, Pits & Bits is very kind to the skin & ideal for long term use.

Hair Care - Wets your hair like a traditional shampoo and cleans without leaving any sticky residues. This mild non-irritating formula leaves your hair soft, fresh and clean with a lovely apple fragrance.

Body Care - Effectively & gently washes you, leaving your skin soft, clean and odour free without the need for water. Easily removes dirt, sweat, odours and more. Dermatologically tested, the body wash is mild, non-irritating and contains no ethanol or parabens. 


1 x 65ml Apple Shampoo
1 x 65ml Fragranced Body Wash
1 x 9 Expandable Wipes

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