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Wolf PBX-1200 Festival Power Booster

Wolf PBX-1200 Festival Power Booster

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Never be caught off guard again! The Wolf Outdoors PBX-1200 Power Booster is your reliable companion for those critical moments when you need a power boost the most. Small enough to keep in your pocket and light enough to carry with you all day, this compact and lightweight powerbank is the perfect solution to keep your devices up and running, especially to capture the headline act.


1200mAh Capacity: With its robust 1200mAh capacity, the PBX-1200 ensures you have ample power reserves to keep your devices operational when it matters most.

Type C Compatibility: Equipped with a Type C connection, the PBX-1200 supports the latest charging technology for swift and efficient charging.

Universal Device Compatibility: Designed to cater to your diverse needs, the PBX-1200 is compatible with all kinds of phones and Bluetooth earphones featuring a Type C connection.

Small & Lightweight: Engineered for portability, the PBX-1200 boasts a compact design that easily fits into your pocket or bag, making it an essential festival companion.

Retractable Design: The retractable design ensures that you can conveniently extend and retract the charging cable, reducing clutter and making storage effortless.


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