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Fast Drying Microfibre Towel

Fast Drying Microfibre Towel

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Say goodbye to bulky and inefficient towels that weigh you down with our lightweight, ultra absorbent, quick dry microfibre towel. Crafted from high-quality microfibre fabric, this festival towel boasts exceptional water absorption capabilities. It effortlessly soaks up moisture, ensuring quick and efficient drying after dancing in the rain or enjoying one of our refreshing portable showers. No need to wait around for your towel to dry as the microfibre material accelerates the evaporation process, leaving you feeling fresh and dry in no time.

Compact, ultra lightweight & fast drying travel towel.

Comes with a practical press stud that allows it to be easily hung up on branches, chairs or tents.

Made from high-quality microfibre to protect against unpleasant odours.                                                                        

Not only suitable for festival use but also ideal for such as backpacking, swimming, hiking, beach use, camping, gym, sports and yoga.

Material: Microfibre
Size: 80 x 180cm
Colours Available: Purple/Blue/Black
Weight: 338g
Package: Mesh bag

Packing list:
1 x beach towel                                                                  1 x mesh bag

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